unlimited watermarking customization in seconds


batch watermark, rename, resize, reorder

We designed pictul to be simple and clean. We took out all of the fluff that makes other applications a pain to use. You can drag and drop your images and be exporting them with your custom watermark in seconds.


save tons of time

Let's say you have 50 or even 100 images to put online. Once you've created your custom watermark, pictul will save it, and you can apply it to all of your images in seconds. Then click export and WHAMO!, watermarked in a minute.


adjust watermark per image

With pictul, you can quickly move and place your watermark on each individual image. This allows you to place your watermark in a way that does not compromise the original composition.


make it your own

Pictul allows you to create your own style of watermark: whether that is traditional and classic or something more funky and vintage. Rounded corners, borders, decreased opacity, margins oh my!


Try our watermarking software for free! It is the easiest and most customizable way to watermark your images. Pictul gives you so many options for custom placement and stylization. Check out the many features of Pictul. You can also resize, reorder, and rename all of your images in one shot.